Brush Care 101: How to Clean Makeup Brushes for Healthy Skin

How to Clean Makeup Brushes
How to Clean Makeup Brushes

How to Clean Makeup Brushes: A Step-by-Step Guide

Cleaning makeup brushes is an essential part of any beauty routine, as it helps maintain the hygiene of your brushes and ensures the longevity of your makeup products. Dirty brushes can harbor bacteria, oil, and old makeup residue, which can lead to skin breakouts and a less-than-flawless makeup application. Properly cleaning makeup brushes not only keeps them in good condition but also ensures that your makeup goes on smoothly and evenly. Here’s a detailed guide on how to clean your makeup brushes effectively.


Preparation for Step-by-Step: How to Clean Makeup Brushes Like a Pro

Gather Your Supplies

Before starting, assemble the following items:

  1. Gentle Cleanser: Use a mild soap or specialized brush cleanser.
  2. Warm Water: To rinse off the brushes.
  3. A Clean Towel: For drying the brushes.
  4. Brush Cleaning Mat or Glove (Optional): Helps deep clean the bristles.
  5. A Bowl or Container: To mix the cleaning solution.


How to Clean Makeup Brushes

How to Clean Makeup Brushes
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  1. Begin by Wetting the Bristles
    • Take the brush and run it under lukewarm water. Ensure the water doesn’t reach the ferrule (the metal part holding the bristles) as it can weaken the glue and damage the brush over time.
  2. Apply Cleanser
    • Place a small amount of the gentle cleanser into the palm of your hand or a cleaning surface. Swirl the brush bristles into the cleanser gently.
  3. Cleanse Thoroughly
    • If using a brush cleaning mat or glove, gently rub the bristles against the textured surface to ensure deep cleaning. Otherwise, continue swirling the brush in your palm.
  4. Rinse
    • Rinse the bristles thoroughly under running water until the water runs clear, and no makeup residue remains.
  5. Squeeze Out Excess Water
    • Gently squeeze the bristles from the ferrule to the tips to remove excess water.
  6. Reshape the Brush
    • Use your fingers to reshape the brush head to its original form.
  7. Dry the Brushes
    • Lay the brushes flat on a clean towel or hang them with the bristles pointing downwards to air dry. Avoid drying them upright as water can seep into the ferrule.
  8. Repeat Regularly
    • Aim to clean your makeup brushes at least once a week to maintain their cleanliness and performance.


FAQs on How to Clean Makeup Brushes Effectively

How often should I clean my makeup brushes?

Regularly! Once a week is ideal to prevent bacteria buildup.

Can I use regular soap to clean my brushes?

Yes, but opt for gentle soap to avoid damaging the bristles.

Is it okay to dry brushes upright in a brush holder?

It’s better to lay them flat or hang them with the bristles down to prevent water from damaging the handle.

Can I use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process?

It’s not recommended as the heat can damage the bristles.

Should I clean my brushes if I only use them for powder products?

Yes, powder products can still build up and harbor bacteria.

Can I use olive oil to clean my brushes?

Olive oil can be too heavy and may leave a residue on the brushes, so it’s not ideal for regular cleaning.

How do I sanitize my brushes?

You can use alcohol-based sprays or cleaners designed for brush sanitization.

What should I do if my brushes shed after cleaning?

Shedding can occur occasionally. If it persists excessively, consider replacing the brush.


Cleaning your makeup brushes is a simple yet crucial step in your beauty routine. By following these steps, you can maintain the hygiene of your brushes, extend their lifespan, and ensure that your makeup application remains flawless. Clean brushes not only benefit your skin but also enhance the overall quality of your makeup. So, make it a habit to clean your brushes regularly to enjoy a fresh and flawless makeup experience.


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