3 Key Benefits of Argan Oil You Need to Know

Benefits of Argan Oil
Benefits of Argan Oil

Transformative Benefits of Argan Oil for Your Beauty Regimen

The Exceptional Benefits of Argan Oil Known as “liquid gold” for its myriad beauty benefits, argan oil comes from the kernels of the Moroccan argan tree. It contains a rich concentration of fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamin E, proteins, and phenolic compounds. This unique makeup makes it extraordinarily nourishing, moisturizing, and protective for hair, nails, skin, and face. But to enjoy its full benefits, it’s vital to understand how to properly prepare and use argan oil.

Choosing High Quality Argan Oil When shopping for argan oil, always choose 100% pure and cold-pressed. Adulterated, diluted, or merely “argan-infused” products won’t provide the true benefits. The pure oil has a rich golden hue and light nutty aroma. Store in a dark glass bottle to protect from light and oxygen. After opening, refrigeration can help extend lifespan 6-12 months as the antioxidants and nutrients deteriorate over time.


Benefits of Argan Oil on Your Face

Argan oil absorbs easily without clogging pores, making it a boon for all skin types. The antioxidant vitamin E and essential fatty acids help renew skin cells, defending against environmental damage and age spots. Powerful hydration diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles associated with dryness. Acne sufferers can benefit from argan oil’s anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

Benefits of Argan Oil
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  • Cleanse face thoroughly and pat dry
  • Place 2-4 drops oil into your palm
  • Rub hands together to warm and spread the viscous oil
  • Lightly pat onto face instead of rubbing
  • Apply evenly enough to cover face without dripping excess
  • Always patch test on small area of skin first


Benefits of Argan Oil in Haircare Routines

Argan oil is equally wondrous for bringing damaged, dry, or color treated hair back to life. The essential fatty acids hydrate the hair shaft inside out, reversing roughness and frizz even in very dry climates. Vitamin E repairs split ends to restore hair’s healthy appearance and shine. Using argan oil for hair creates noticeable silkiness, movement, and softened manageability.

As a Daily Conditioning Serum:

  • Post-shower, spread 4-5 drops between palms
  • Run fingers through towel dried hair avoiding roots
  • Style hair as usual
  • Start with less for fine hair

As a Conditioning Hair Mask

  • Spread 10-15 drops over dry, unwashed hair before shower
  • Gently massage into scalp and coat strands
  • Cover hair for 1-2+ hours or overnight
  • Shampoo thoroughly in sections
  • Use a silicone-free conditioner


Benefits of Argan Oil in Skincare

Besides its proven anti-aging abilities, the antioxidants and vitamin E create brighter, more even skintoned complexions. The same properties that rejuvenate facial skin work to fade discolorations like acne marks, melasma, age spots, and scar tissue. Hydration plumps the dermal layer to smooth away roughness and crepey texture.

How to Use As a body moisturizer after showering, apply a few drops head to toe while skin remains slightly damp. Allow the body heat to thin the vegetable oil for easy absorption. Include nails and cuticles to condition the nail beds and stimulate growth.


FAQs on Exceptional Benefits of Argan Oil

Q: Does argan oil clog pores?

A: No, pure argan absorbs quickly without blocking pores, even for acne prone skin. Always patch test first.

Q: Can you use argan oil on children?

A: Yes, it’s gentle enough for young skin and hair starting at age 2+. Supervise use.

Q: How long does argan oil last after opening?

A: Around 6-12 months if stored properly in a cool, dark place. Refrigeration helps prolong freshness.

Q: Can argan oil lighten skin or hair?

A: Over time, the antioxidants may help fade hyperpigmentation and reveal brighter skin/hair.

Q: Is argan oil safe for pregnancy?

A: In food amounts, yes. For topical use, consult your doctor.

Q: Does argan oil need special disposal?

A: No special requirements. Can reuse dark glass bottle. Recycle if offered locally.

Q: Can argan oil reduce keratosis pilaris bumps?

A: Its anti-inflammatory qualities may help calm and smooth the rough texture.

Q: Will argan oil worsen fungal acne?

A: It has natural antifungal properties. However, patch test first.

Q: Is argan oil non-comedogenic?

A: Yes, it has a “0” comedogenic rating so very unlikely to clog pores.

Q: Can you use argan oil with retinols or acids?

A: Yes but stagger use. Apply argan oil one day, actives the next day.


Conclusion Without question, argan oil stands as one of the most benefit-dense cosmetic oils the beauty world has to offer. Use 100% pure, cold-pressed argan oil on skin, face, hair, nails, and body to witness its restorative and anti-aging capabilities firsthand. Implement argan oil into your daily beauty regimen for sheer luxury.

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